Carmichael & Russ Capital – Empowering Growth through Strategic Acquisitions

About Us

Carmichael & Russ is a dynamic and growth-oriented company with a mission to empower and elevate communities through strategic business acquisitions and affordable housing projects. We are dedicated to investing in local enterprises, acquiring assets with untapped potential, and propelling them to new heights of success. As champions of local business ecosystems, we take pride in fostering growth and prosperity for SMBs in the communities they serve.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be a catalyst for expansion, supporting local communities through strategic acquisitions that drive value and fuel growth. 

By bringing together a network of complementary businesses, we aim to create synergies, unlock opportunities, and build a portfolio of thriving companies that collectively contribute to the growth of the local economy.

Our Approach

At Carmichael & Russ, our approach to strategic acquisitions is grounded in a deep understanding of local markets and industries. 

We take a collaborative and tailored approach, working closely with brokers, entrepreneurs and management teams to identify strategic targets and execute seamless acquisitions that enhance our portfolio’s performance.

The Carmichael & Russ Difference

Local Insights

Our team’s expertise in the local business landscape provides us with invaluable insights into the unique opportunities and challenges faced by SMBs. We leverage this knowledge to identify acquisition targets that align with our vision of growth and prosperity.

Strategic Partnerships

We forge strong and enduring partnerships with business owners looking to take their companies to the next level. Our approach to acquisitions is built on mutual trust, shared objectives, and a commitment to realizing the full potential of the businesses we acquire.

Operational Excellence

Beyond the acquisition, our commitment to operational excellence ensures that acquired businesses are integrated seamlessly and efficiently. We work side by side with the management teams to optimize operations and create sustainable growth.

Community Impact

We believe that thriving businesses contribute to thriving communities. By acquiring and supporting local SMBs, we contribute to job creation, economic development, and the overall well-being of the regions we serve.

Carmichael & Russ 

Carmichael & Russ serves as the holding company, overseeing the entire structure and managing investments across various industries and geographies.

Empowering Transformation and Growth

Strategic Guidance

At Carmichael & Russ, our approach is rooted in a deep understanding of industries, market dynamics, and emerging trends. We embrace a collaborative and hands-on methodology, actively engaging with our portfolio companies to offer strategic guidance and operational expertise. 

With an eye for innovation, we seek out opportunities that align with our core values and hold the potential for long-term sustainable growth.

Strategic Investments

Our strategic investments span across various industries, encompassing technology, healthcare, real estate, automotive, and more.

By selecting businesses with exceptional potential, strong leadership, and a passion for innovation, we build a dynamic portfolio that represents diverse sectors and geographical regions.

Driving Value and Impact

Carmichael & Russ is not just an investor; we are partners committed to driving value and impact for our portfolio companies. Through tailored growth strategies, access to resources, and operational support, we empower our portfolio companies to reach new heights of success.

Embracing Technology

In the ever-changing landscape of business, technology is at the forefront of driving transformation. At Carmichael & Russ, we embrace technological advancements, including blockchain, to explore new possibilities for raising capital, enhancing transparency, and offering innovative financial solutions.

Creating Positive Change

Beyond financial success, we strive to make a positive impact on the communities we serve. Environmental sustainability, social responsibility, and ethical business practices are embedded in our ethos, ensuring that our investments contribute to a better future.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

As a team of driven professionals, we share an entrepreneurial spirit that fuels our passion for taking on new challenges and seeking opportunities in the market. We value creativity, diversity of thought, and a growth mindset, allowing us to adapt swiftly to evolving business landscapes.

Investing in People

At the core of our success lies a belief in the power of people. We invest not only in businesses but also in the talented individuals who drive them. By fostering a culture of collaboration and professional development, we create an environment where innovation thrives.

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