Train to Grow or Go: Talent Development at Carmichael & Russ Capital

Train to Grow or Go Talent Development

The only thing worse than training your employees and having them leave is not training them and having them stay.” — Henry Ford

Henry Ford

At Carmichael & Russ Capital, we believe in the power of continuous growth, training, and the development of our employees. Inspired by a military mindset of always training your relief, we have crafted the “Train to Grow or Go Talent Development” program.

This initiative is built on the belief that our employees’ growth and expansion are paramount, even if their journey leads them beyond our company.

Our philosophy intertwines the enrichment of our team members’ skills and knowledge with our overarching values, positioning financial benefits not just as an incentive but as a stepping stone in their personal and professional growth.

The Core of the Program

The essence of the “Train to Grow or Go” program lies in its comprehensive approach to continuous learning, development, and collaboration. Here’s what sets our program apart:

  • Continuous Training and Development: We invest in ongoing learning opportunities for our employees, understanding that the landscape of our industries is ever-evolving. This commitment to continuous education ensures our team remains at the forefront of innovation and excellence.
  • Independent Study: Recognizing the unique interests and aspirations of each team member, we encourage independent study, allowing employees to explore subjects that fuel their passion and drive their personal growth.
  • A “Need to Know” Culture of Continuous Improvement: Our culture is built on the foundation of perpetual advancement. We foster an environment where knowledge is not just power—it’s a pathway to success. Every team member is encouraged to adopt a “need to know” attitude, where learning and improvement are part of daily life.
  • Collaboration Across Departments: We believe that breaking down silos and encouraging cross-departmental collaboration enriches our employees’ experience and broadens their skill sets, creating a more dynamic and versatile team.
  • Collaboration Across Industries in Our Portfolio: Our unique position allows us to facilitate collaboration across the diverse industries within our portfolio, providing our employees with unparalleled exposure and learning opportunities.
  • Cross Training for Skill Development: Through cross training, we enable our team members to develop a wide range of skills, enhancing their versatility and preparing them for multifaceted roles within and outside our company.
  • Mentorship into the Next Role from Day One: Every employee is paired with a mentor from the moment they join our team, ensuring they have the guidance, support, and wisdom to grow into their next role, whether within Carmichael & Russ Capital or elsewhere.
  • An Environment Not Scared to Mix Together Growth and Development with Financial Gain: We boldly intertwine professional development with financial benefits, believing that one’s career advancement should also be rewarding in a tangible sense.

The Philosophy Behind the Program

Our approach to talent development is deeply influenced by our military background, where the concept of training your replacement ensures readiness and resilience. We’ve adapted this philosophy to the corporate world, viewing each employee’s growth as integral to our collective success.

By preparing our team for their next venture, whether within our ranks or beyond, we embrace a cycle of continuous learning and mutual benefit.


The “Train to Grow or Go Talent Development” program at Carmichael & Russ Capital represents more than just a commitment to employee development—it’s a testament to our belief in the limitless potential of our team.

By fostering an environment that champions continuous learning, cross-disciplinary collaboration, and mentorship, we not only propel our employees toward their personal and professional objectives but also cement our place as a forward-thinking leader in the industry.

Our program is designed for those ready to embrace growth, seize opportunities, and advance their careers, supported by a culture that values their journey every step of the way.

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