Empowering Our Team: Carmichael & Russ Capital’s Revolutionary Cash-Free Equity Program

Cash Free Equity Program

At Carmichael & Russ Capital, we will remain at the forefront of creating innovative solutions to empower our team and foster a culture of inclusivity, growth, and wealth creation.

Our CEO, Noah Carmichael, is excited to introduce a groundbreaking initiative designed to redefine the landscape of employee benefits in the startup ecosystem: the Cash-Free Equity Program through Promissory Notes.

A Vision for Financial Empowerment

Our mission with this program is simple yet profound:

To break down the financial barriers that have historically prevented non-executive employees from participating in the wealth generated by successful startups.

In the spirit of true partnership and shared success, we’ve crafted a program that not only addresses the challenges faced by our team members but also aligns their contributions with the long-term achievements of our company.

In crafting the vision behind our Cash-Free Equity Program, we drew inspiration from pioneering companies leading the charge in employee financial empowerment. Among these innovators, Harness Wealth stands out for their exemplary Promissory Note Program, which has set a benchmark for offering financial benefits to early-stage startup employees.

Their commitment to breaking down traditional barriers and providing meaningful wealth creation opportunities for their team has not only influenced our approach but also underscored the importance of such initiatives in today’s competitive talent landscape.

We extend our gratitude to Harness Wealth for their trailblazing efforts and for demonstrating the profound impact that thoughtful, employee-centric programs can have on company culture and individual financial well-being.

The Promissory Note Program: Breaking New Ground

The heart of this initiative is our Promissory Note Program, a novel approach to employee stock options that enables early exercise without the upfront financial burden. This program minimizes IRS interest implications and offers a path to ownership that was previously out of reach for many.

Benefits Beyond the Balance Sheet

For our non-executive employees, this program opens the door to significant benefits:

  • Early Exercise and Tax Advantages: Employees can now exercise their stock options early, potentially enjoying lower tax rates on long-term gains and fostering a deeper investment in our shared success.
  • A Sense of Ownership: By facilitating easier access to stock options, we’re not just offering a financial benefit; we’re inviting our team to be true partners in our journey, enhancing their sense of belonging and commitment.

A Step Beyond Traditional Models

Our Promissory Note Program stands in stark contrast to traditional stock option plans. By removing the financial hurdles associated with exercising stock options, we’re making equity participation accessible to a broader segment of our team, thereby promoting a more inclusive and equitable approach.

Looking Ahead: Cultivating a Culture of Success

The implications of this program extend far beyond the immediate financial benefits. By fostering a culture of ownership and financial empowerment, we’re setting the stage for enhanced employee retention, satisfaction, and productivity, contributing to a positive and dynamic company culture.

Annual Performance Incentive Bonus Program

In addition to the Promissory Note Program, we’re thrilled to introduce our Annual Performance Incentive Bonus Program.

This initiative rewards outstanding employee performance with bonuses provided in the form of a promissory note, further aligning individual achievements with the company’s long-term success.

This program exemplifies our commitment to offering tangible benefits and rewards that reflect the hard work and dedication of our team. With features like profit sharing, cash-free exercise of stock options, optimal tax rates, and non-recourse protection, we’re not just compensating our employees; we’re investing in their futures.

Recognizing Our Employees Role in Our Collective Success

Employee contributions are the cornerstone of Carmichael & Russ Capital’s success.

This program is a testament to our belief in your potential and our commitment to your financial well-being. We invite you to embrace this opportunity to grow with us, both professionally and financially.

Moving Forward Together

At Carmichael & Russ Capital, we’re more than just a team; we’re a community of innovators, thinkers, and leaders, committed to creating a brighter future for all.

Join us in this exciting journey towards financial empowerment and shared success.

Together, we’re not just building a company; we’re shaping the future of startup culture.

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