30-Day Employment Opt Out program

30 day employment opt out

We have all been there as employees.

That new badge, new desk, new computer but what if the first month of employment was not just about onboarding but also about empowering new hires with the choice to redefine their career path, should they feel misaligned with the company’s culture or their role?

This is the foundational question behind our innovative 30-Day Employment Opt-Out Program at Carmichael & Russ Capital. Inspired by pioneering companies like Trainual, we’ve introduced a policy that offers new employees a unique proposition: the opportunity to opt-out at the end of their first 30 days with a parting offer.

This initiative is designed to ensure a fit that is mutually beneficial, facilitating a smoother transition for those who choose to explore different paths. Here, I’ll share the philosophy behind this bold move and how it stands to reshape our approach to recruitment, retention, and corporate culture.

Mutual Discovery Period

The first 30 days under this program are viewed as a mutual discovery period, where both the employee and the company evaluate if there’s a good fit. This period goes beyond the traditional orientation and probation phases by offering a structured framework within which both parties can assess alignment in terms of values, work style, and long-term goals.

It’s a time for honest reflection and adjustment, recognizing that not every hire will perfectly align with the company’s needs or culture and vice versa.

Empowering Employees with Choice

At the end of this discovery period, we empower our employees with a choice.

Those who feel that Carmichael & Russ Capital is not the right fit for them are offered an opt-out incentive. This approach acknowledges the courage it takes to admit a mismatch and ensures that employees can leave with a financial cushion, making their transition smoother and more dignified.

It’s a testament to our respect for the individual’s career journey and our commitment to their well-being, regardless of whether their path aligns with our company’s.

Encouraging a Smooth Transition

The opt-out incentive is designed to support employees in their next steps, whether that involves returning to the job market, exploring further education, or pursuing other interests.

This financial support aims to alleviate some of the stress associated with job transitions, offering a safety net that enables individuals to make thoughtful decisions about their future without the immediate pressure of financial insecurity.

Refining Our Hiring Practices

Implementing the 30-Day Employment Opt-Out Program serves as a catalyst for continuous improvement in our hiring processes. Each opt-out is an opportunity to gather insights into our recruitment strategies, onboarding experiences, and company culture. It forces us to look internally and ask critical questions about how we can better align our hiring procedures with our organizational needs and values.

This introspection is crucial for ensuring that we not only attract but also retain the right talent, fostering a workforce that is fully engaged and committed to our mission.

Building the Right Team

Ultimately, our goal is to build a team that is not just talented but also deeply aligned with our company’s vision and culture.

The 30-Day Employment Opt-Out Program is a strategic tool in this pursuit, helping us to identify and retain individuals who are truly excited about and committed to our shared goals. It’s a bold step towards creating a workplace where every employee feels they belong and can thrive, contributing to a more dynamic, innovative, and cohesive team.


At Carmichael & Russ Capital, we believe that fostering the right fit between employees and the company is essential to our mutual success. The 30-Day Employment Opt-Out Program embodies this belief, offering a structured, respectful way for both parties to assess fit and make empowered decisions about their future.

This program is more than just a policy; it’s a reflection of our commitment to transparency, respect, and continuous improvement. By embracing this approach, we are not only enhancing our hiring practices but also building a stronger, more aligned team that is capable of achieving great things together.

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