How Wholesalers Can Help Families in Probate: A Guide for New Real Estate Wholesale Investors

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Probate for New Real Estate Investors

As a new real estate wholesale investor, you may be wondering how to find motivated sellers who are willing to sell their properties at a discount. One group of potential sellers that you may want to consider targeting is families going through probate.

What is Probate

Probate is the legal process of administering the estate of a deceased person, which includes distributing their assets to their heirs or beneficiaries. Let’s see how wholesalers can help families in probate, and provide a guide for new real estate wholesale investors on how to navigate this market.

Probate can be a challenging time for families, as they have to deal with legal procedures while grieving for their loved one. Additionally, some families may be facing financial difficulties and may need to sell the property to settle debts or distribute the assets among the beneficiaries.

As a wholesaler, you can provide a valuable service to these families by purchasing the property quickly and for a fair price.

Opportunity in Probate

One advantage of targeting families in probate is that the properties are often inherited, which means that the heirs may not be emotionally attached to the property and may be more willing to sell it quickly.

Properties in probate are often in need of repairs or updates, which means that wholesalers can purchase the property at a discount and then renovate it before selling it to a rehabber or a landlord.

To find families in probate, wholesalers can start by researching public records and court filings. The probate court is a public record, and wholesalers can find information on the deceased person’s assets and beneficiaries.

Wholesalers can also work with attorneys who specialize in probate to find potential sellers.

Lead with Empathy

Once you have identified a potential seller, you should approach them with empathy and respect. Probate can be a sensitive issue, and families may not be ready to sell immediately.

As a wholesaler, you should be patient and understanding, and offer a fair price that reflects the condition of the property.

Advantages in Probate for Wholesalers

One key advantage of working with families in probate is that wholesalers can often negotiate a better deal than they could with a traditional seller.

This is because families in probate are often motivated to sell quickly and may be willing to accept a lower offer in exchange for a quick and hassle-free sale.

Another advantage of working with families in probate is that wholesalers can often purchase the property without a real estate agent or broker, which means that they can save on commissions and fees.

Wholesalers can often close the sale more quickly than a traditional real estate transaction, which can be attractive to families who are looking to settle the estate quickly.


Targeting families in probate can be a lucrative market for new real estate wholesale investors. By offering a fair price and a hassle-free sale, wholesalers can provide a valuable service to families who are going through a difficult time.

Wholesalers can benefit from the discounts available on inherited properties and the potential for a quick sale.

If you are a new real estate wholesale investor, we encourage you to consider this market and to approach potential sellers with empathy and respect. With patience and persistence, you can build a successful business by helping families in probate.

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